My first blog post – Who is wondermamama?

My son had severe eczema when he was 4 months old and when i mentioned severe, it literally meant I have to change his bedsheets every night as it would be stained with blood and I have to deal with a screaming baby who will wake up every 15 mins due to his itch and pain.

As a first time Mummy, this came as a blow to me and i couldn’t manage it emotionally because I’ve always thought motherhood would be a blissful journey and the heartache that came along with it wasn’t something that i was expecting at all.

And I started to write. I wrote entries on my phone depicting what I was going through and there were hundreds of drafts to date and it became an outlet for me to express my feelings when i felt that i couldn’t talk to anyone. Fast forward 2.5 years later, we are in a much better place; my son is getting better and we could finally breathe and function like any other family.

My passion and interest for writing continued and I started to share my thoughts about my work by posting on platforms. And right now, I decided to take it even further by starting a blog to pen down my thoughts about my personal life and I hope to meet more people through the engagements and interactions over here.

What would you be expecting from this blog?

As a full time working Mummy, I feel that life can also be very fulfilling after having a kid – mummies can continue to look pretty, be happy and that is only possible if we learn and allow ourselves to balance our life in a mindful manner. I will write about my ways of achieving balanced work life and that include my fitness regime, cooking recipes and other useful information about motherhood.

I am also a Mummy who strongly believes that personal interaction with kids are very important in their growing up and that essentially means no phones/screen time on both ends. Here, I will also share about the activities that i engage my son in and that ranges from indoor activity such as handicrafts to outdoor activity such as beach play.

Do pardon me if there are any grammatical errors/inferior photo quality that you have spotted – Firstly, full time working Mummy = very busy Mummy but more importantly, I hope that this blog would be a true representation of myself and that means minimal edit to the information.

Eventually, this blog would be a little present for my son – he would get to know all about himself and his Mummy when he grows up. Like what i always tell my friends, most of the time I felt as though he is my boss – I have to report to him, always at his beck and call but the only difference is that I do not get paid 🙂

Please feel free to hit me up whenever you have any questions/would like me to talk about a certain topic and I would certainly love to share my insights with you.

Eva L.



2 thoughts on “My first blog post – Who is wondermamama?

  1. … sometimes we want to write more further / deeper . On some social networks have limit for writing .. here we have literally no limit for words counts :-). wish you can express more and feel better 🙂


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