What do i love about my lifestyle as a working mother?


Judy.JPGFinding time to write this post is actually a struggle on its own. When i started blogging, i promised myself that I should write at least once a week, but seems like even once a month is a tall order. I need to make more effort to organize my life! And here you go on my exciting mama life:

Weekdays – 7am

Being in the sales line means that i have rather flexible hours and I am thankful for that. I usually wake up at 7am, make myself a nice breakfast that usually comprise of a simple salad, a fruit and a cup of coffee. I will also squeeze in a quick workout in the mornings a few times a week. My husband would be in charge of sending my sometimes cranky kid to my mother in law’s place.

Weekdays – 8.30am to 6pm


Weekdays 6pm-8.30pm onwards

I always tell my friends that my real work starts from 6pm. I can try to outsmart my boss when I am in the office but I could never outsmart this small boss back at home.

‘mama, water!’

‘mama, feed dinner!’

‘mama, feed apple!’

‘mama, help me do this (and that and this and that)

And just when I can finally sit down on the sofa for a rest, I sometimes watch in horror as my son emptied boxes of toys/lego on the floor. Oh god.

8pm -10pm (well, it might be later, depending on my luck for the day)

This is my favourite time of the day because we will spend lots of time reading, chatting and cuddling. Recently he has learnt how to say ‘I love you’ and he would be chanting ‘i love you mama’. *heart bursting with love*

And due to my son’s bad eczema, my husband and i take turns to look after him in the night to prevent him from scratching and my ‘shift’ is usually from 3am till 6.45am.


Mornings are spent bringing him out for breakfast either at the nearby mall or we bring him out to the sea because I love the sun!

Afternoons are my absolute favourite because this is when i skive off for my weekly afternoon naps before I prepare for the ‘battles’ ahead in the evenings.

Do I have a lifestyle? Not really – meeting friends once a month is considered a luxury and basically i am on SURVIVAL MODE everyday.

Do i love my life? Yes, a lot. I like to find that balance in life, having occasional cheat days. Learning how to take things easy but not that easy as well.

Do i miss the carefree days without a kid? Hmm, a little. But nothing beats having a child to call my own, nothing beats having a doting son and I secretly love being slaved by my son 🙂

Ending this post with a nice cartoon which depicts the life of a mama very well – well, all mamas would like to have some poise, but having a kid basically means this is almost impossible.


Eva L.



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