What do i love about my lifestyle as a working mother?


Judy.JPGFinding time to write this post is actually a struggle on its own. When i started blogging, i promised myself that I should write at least once a week, but seems like even once a month is a tall order. I need to make more effort to organize my life! And here you go on my exciting mama life:

Weekdays – 7am

Being in the sales line means that i have rather flexible hours and I am thankful for that. I usually wake up at 7am, make myself a nice breakfast that usually comprise of a simple salad, a fruit and a cup of coffee. I will also squeeze in a quick workout in the mornings a few times a week. My husband would be in charge of sending my sometimes cranky kid to my mother in law’s place.

Weekdays – 8.30am to 6pm


Weekdays 6pm-8.30pm onwards

I always tell my friends that my real work starts from 6pm. I can try to outsmart my boss when I am in the office but I could never outsmart this small boss back at home.

‘mama, water!’

‘mama, feed dinner!’

‘mama, feed apple!’

‘mama, help me do this (and that and this and that)

And just when I can finally sit down on the sofa for a rest, I sometimes watch in horror as my son emptied boxes of toys/lego on the floor. Oh god.

8pm -10pm (well, it might be later, depending on my luck for the day)

This is my favourite time of the day because we will spend lots of time reading, chatting and cuddling. Recently he has learnt how to say ‘I love you’ and he would be chanting ‘i love you mama’. *heart bursting with love*

And due to my son’s bad eczema, my husband and i take turns to look after him in the night to prevent him from scratching and my ‘shift’ is usually from 3am till 6.45am.


Mornings are spent bringing him out for breakfast either at the nearby mall or we bring him out to the sea because I love the sun!

Afternoons are my absolute favourite because this is when i skive off for my weekly afternoon naps before I prepare for the ‘battles’ ahead in the evenings.

Do I have a lifestyle? Not really – meeting friends once a month is considered a luxury and basically i am on SURVIVAL MODE everyday.

Do i love my life? Yes, a lot. I like to find that balance in life, having occasional cheat days. Learning how to take things easy but not that easy as well.

Do i miss the carefree days without a kid? Hmm, a little. But nothing beats having a child to call my own, nothing beats having a doting son and I secretly love being slaved by my son 🙂

Ending this post with a nice cartoon which depicts the life of a mama very well – well, all mamas would like to have some poise, but having a kid basically means this is almost impossible.


Eva L.



How can LEGO DUPLO help with your toddler’s development?


I invested in Jude’s first set of LEGO when he was about 2 years old and i think that’s one of our favourite indoor activity at night. We started off with a first set of DUPLO and i also set up a small LEGO wall in his room which makes it very cute for viewing whenever i passed by his room. There are several reasons why i like LEGO and let me go through the points with you:

1.Fine motor skills development – in the initial stage, it was more of throwing the pieces of LEGO all over the place but as he grew older, his grip became stronger and he could very soon form a nice set on his own. Of course, there were a lot of frustration on his end when he couldn’t put them together but that’s the whole idea – you train it until you are able to do it.

2.Adventure and experimentation – The set usually comes with an instruction booklet but when you ditch that, that’s when your creativity flows. There are endless formations that you can come up with – The same pieces of LEGO (let’s say 10 pieces ) can be transformed into a building, a table, a playground, to a cooking stove and even a set of money ranging from $1 – $10. Definitely a creativity boost!

3.Improved focus and concentration – A good play session can take up to an hour which in my opinion, is considered quite a long time frame for a toddler given the short attention span that they have. Cultivating this trait is very important for them as they transit to school eventually and it’s always good to start young.

4.Learning the basics, colours and shapes – well, it doesn’t really have to be a set of LEGO per se. I used it when i teach Jude colours and shapes. ‘Pick out all the reds for Mummy’, ‘Pick out all the rectangles for Mummy’. With that, you can do without spending additional money buying educational placards that are focused on basic colours and shapes.

5.Fosters great bonding between parent and kid – I am a Mummy who doesn’t encourage screen time during playtime and hence, LEGO is a good activity on both ends because it involves a lot of interactions and communication = laughter and fun.




The next time when you rack your brains over what to do with your kiddos at night, try getting a set of LEGO – definitely well worth the money 🙂

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What I talk about when I talk about running?

I have always loved long distance running since I was young and it has always stayed that way till I reached adulthood. You know, it’s really common to see people putting on a bunch of weight once they began their corporate life and fitness goals get thrown out of the window. That’s how I had a hiatus from running for almost 8 years.

It all changed one day when I was waving goodbye to my colleague and she made a snide remark which was a life-changer for me – “Oh my Eva, look at those jiggly fats on your arms!” Thank you very much for that and there I go, determined to get my fitness regime (and of course that nice silhouette) back on track again. Well, I know that sounds really superficial but I guess these are the things that make women tick.

I remember fondly, that first occasion when I started running again – I could barely cover 200m and I was as white as sheet (almost to the point of fainting) at the end of that gruelling torture. But I was very resolute about it and I know the only way to get through it is to bite the bullet and go through it. I started to increase the frequencies of my runs per week – from 200m, I was soon able to raise it to 2km, 5km and before I knew it, I was running 10km, half and full marathons.

Running marathons are tough, no doubts about that. Strangely, whenever I reach the 6km mark, I start to miss my bed, I feel light-headed and I question myself on why am I putting myself through these sufferings. And that’s when l’ll need to battle all those negative emotions, press on and I have to say, these are good trainings to build up our resilience, endurance and discipline. Just keep going and you will cross the finishing line eventually. That would be the best feeling ever.


What I talk about when I talk about running – this is authored by Haruki Murakami where he wrote about the thoughts that went through his mind whenever he ran marathons.

Lots of stuff go through my head these days whenever I run:

  1. I think of work – reflecting on matters that I could have done better and I try to formulate sales strategies as well. Somehow my mind seems to work better during that window and I usually find myself more productive the next day at work as there’s renewed goals to act on.
  2. I plan weekend activities for Jude – I like to engage Jude in active play experiences and that include beach activities, painting/drawing sessions in the comfort of our home and participating in neighbourhoods’ family events. The objective is for him to have a blast of a good time during his growing up and that’s what I had when I was little.
  3. I look back in life – I find a lot of peace whenever I run and that’s when I always remind myself to be grateful for whatever I have and to always live in the present. Living among the hustle and bustle of city life that we are in, I feel that we tend to miss out on the simple pleasures and to a certain extent, fail to appreciate life as we set our minds in achieving material wants. In a way, I discover more about myself.

On the physical front, I have never felt and looked better – I love the glow after each run and for the rest of the day, I would take the conscious effort to eat healthily although I do have my cheat days too.

I did slackened quite a bit after the birth of my son 3 years ago and I have set a strategy to keep at it for 2018 – I signed up for 3 marathons right at the start of the year and that would keep me covered till June 2018.

If you are pondering about making that first step to run, my advice is – Do it and it could be your best decision yet.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Say you’re running and you think, ‘Man, this hurts, I can’t take it anymore. The ‘hurt’ part is an unavoidable reality, but whether or not you can stand anymore is up to the runner himself.”
Haruki Murakami

Eva L.





My first blog post – Who is wondermamama?

My son had severe eczema when he was 4 months old and when i mentioned severe, it literally meant I have to change his bedsheets every night as it would be stained with blood and I have to deal with a screaming baby who will wake up every 15 mins due to his itch and pain.

As a first time Mummy, this came as a blow to me and i couldn’t manage it emotionally because I’ve always thought motherhood would be a blissful journey and the heartache that came along with it wasn’t something that i was expecting at all.

And I started to write. I wrote entries on my phone depicting what I was going through and there were hundreds of drafts to date and it became an outlet for me to express my feelings when i felt that i couldn’t talk to anyone. Fast forward 2.5 years later, we are in a much better place; my son is getting better and we could finally breathe and function like any other family.

My passion and interest for writing continued and I started to share my thoughts about my work by posting on platforms. And right now, I decided to take it even further by starting a blog to pen down my thoughts about my personal life and I hope to meet more people through the engagements and interactions over here.

What would you be expecting from this blog?

As a full time working Mummy, I feel that life can also be very fulfilling after having a kid – mummies can continue to look pretty, be happy and that is only possible if we learn and allow ourselves to balance our life in a mindful manner. I will write about my ways of achieving balanced work life and that include my fitness regime, cooking recipes and other useful information about motherhood.

I am also a Mummy who strongly believes that personal interaction with kids are very important in their growing up and that essentially means no phones/screen time on both ends. Here, I will also share about the activities that i engage my son in and that ranges from indoor activity such as handicrafts to outdoor activity such as beach play.

Do pardon me if there are any grammatical errors/inferior photo quality that you have spotted – Firstly, full time working Mummy = very busy Mummy but more importantly, I hope that this blog would be a true representation of myself and that means minimal edit to the information.

Eventually, this blog would be a little present for my son – he would get to know all about himself and his Mummy when he grows up. Like what i always tell my friends, most of the time I felt as though he is my boss – I have to report to him, always at his beck and call but the only difference is that I do not get paid 🙂

Please feel free to hit me up whenever you have any questions/would like me to talk about a certain topic and I would certainly love to share my insights with you.

Eva L.