How can LEGO DUPLO help with your toddler’s development?


I invested in Jude’s first set of LEGO when he was about 2 years old and i think that’s one of our favourite indoor activity at night. We started off with a first set of DUPLO and i also set up a small LEGO wall in his room which makes it very cute for viewing whenever i passed by his room. There are several reasons why i like LEGO and let me go through the points with you:

1.Fine motor skills development – in the initial stage, it was more of throwing the pieces of LEGO all over the place but as he grew older, his grip became stronger and he could very soon form a nice set on his own. Of course, there were a lot of frustration on his end when he couldn’t put them together but that’s the whole idea – you train it until you are able to do it.

2.Adventure and experimentation – The set usually comes with an instruction booklet but when you ditch that, that’s when your creativity flows. There are endless formations that you can come up with – The same pieces of LEGO (let’s say 10 pieces ) can be transformed into a building, a table, a playground, to a cooking stove and even a set of money ranging from $1 – $10. Definitely a creativity boost!

3.Improved focus and concentration – A good play session can take up to an hour which in my opinion, is considered quite a long time frame for a toddler given the short attention span that they have. Cultivating this trait is very important for them as they transit to school eventually and it’s always good to start young.

4.Learning the basics, colours and shapes – well, it doesn’t really have to be a set of LEGO per se. I used it when i teach Jude colours and shapes. ‘Pick out all the reds for Mummy’, ‘Pick out all the rectangles for Mummy’. With that, you can do without spending additional money buying educational placards that are focused on basic colours and shapes.

5.Fosters great bonding between parent and kid – I am a Mummy who doesn’t encourage screen time during playtime and hence, LEGO is a good activity on both ends because it involves a lot of interactions and communication = laughter and fun.




The next time when you rack your brains over what to do with your kiddos at night, try getting a set of LEGO – definitely well worth the money 🙂

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